Porter Veterinary Center: Proactive care, surgery, dental, nutrition. Advanced diagnostics, quality service, and pet well-being above all.

Our Services

Spay and neuter for responsible pet ownership. Health benefits and curbing overpopulation.
Comprehensive vaccinations protect pets from diseases. Preventive care for a healthy and happy life.
Expert dental care for pets’ bright smiles. Prevent dental issues, ensure overall health and happiness.
Swift urgent care for pets in emergencies. Expert support when your furry family needs it most.
Swift in-house lab services for precise diagnostics. Timely results for prompt treatment and care.
Harmonize your pet’s health with acupuncture. Relieve pain, aid recovery, and promote well-being.
Discover regenerative healing with stem cell consultation. Relief for chronic pain and joint issues.
Expert ophthalmology services for pets’ vision. Comprehensive care for bright eyes and clear sight.
Expert dermatology services for pets’ skin health. Relief from itchiness, allergies, and more.
Advanced ultrasound services for precise diagnosis. Non-invasive, expert care for your pet’s health.
Convenience & quality with in-house pharmacy. Swift access to vital meds for your pet’s well-being.
Rapid trauma care for pets in emergencies. Skilled team, advanced tech, and compassionate support when they need it most.
Porter Vet Center in Northridge: Your pet’s surgical needs met with expertise and care. Trust us for soft tissue, orthopedic, dental surgeries, and more.