Comprehensive Veterinary Services in Northridge, CA
Keeping Pets Happy, Healthy, and Loved – Porter Veterinary Center's Promise.
Family-Centric Care for Beloved Pets
Where Pets Are Family: Your Trusted Veterinary Hospital in Northridge, CA.
Proactive Healthcare for Happy and Healthy Pets
Proactive Pet Care, Advanced Diagnostics – Your Pet's Wellness Starts Here.

About Porter Veterinary Center

Porter Veterinary Center treats pets as family, providing comprehensive services for their well-being. They focus on proactive healthcare, advanced diagnostics, surgical procedures, dental health, nutrition consultations, and emergency care with a commitment to quality and compassion.

Our Services

Spay and neuter for responsible pet ownership. Health benefits and curbing overpopulation.
Comprehensive vaccinations protect pets from diseases. Preventive care for a healthy and happy life.
Expert dental care for pets’ bright smiles. Prevent dental issues, ensure overall health and happiness.