All our overnight guests are made comfortable in our indoor, climate controlled supervised facility. All of our canine guests have TWO 20 minute playtime sessions outside in our specially designed playgrounds.

Our sunroom with kitty tree and toys is designed to relax our overnight guests and make their stay completely enjoyable. The sunroom is an indoor, climate controlled supervised facility.

You may bring your pet’s own toys and bed but we do provide them with blankets, beds and treats. If you would like your animal to receive more play time we will give them an additional 10 minutes outside.

Any guest vacationing with us for more than 7 days is eligible to receive a complimentary bath before going home. Any guest staying for 3-6 days is eligible for a bath at a discounted rate.

Our veterinary technicians administer ALL medications. If your animal needs any medications we will be more than happy to administer them. We will not refill medications from another hospital.

Our menu for our overnight guests is Low Residue Dry food – the highest quality food. Each guest is fed two times a day. We will be more than happy to accommodate your pet’s needs if a special diet is required.

To ensure the safety of your pet in our veterinary-supervised boarding facility, we require that your pet has been examined at Porter Veterinary Center within a year of his/her boarding stay.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (818) 349-8387.