When we found a stray dog out on the street, he was scared, filthy, malnourished, and very wary of humans. Porter Veterinary Center helped us bring him back to life with daily loving care during his period of quarantine. In particular, Heather lavished so much love on him, that by the time we were able to take him home, his glowing personality was already shining through in spades. Our dog Davis is now an integral part of our home who brings joy to all of us on a daily basis. Without the constant love and attention at Porter Veterinary Center in the crucial first few days, he might have been a very different dog today. Thank you so much to everyone at Porter Pet who helped us bring Davis home.

We’ve been coming to Porter Pet for the past 10 years. When we rescued our little Cleo from West Valley, Porter was the place the shelter had sent her to be fixed. We were new to the Valley, and had continued to drive out to Simi for our cat’s visits. Though we loved our old Vet – it was a relief to find someone closer to home! Dr. Newman is fantastic! I can’t say enough about the whole staff there! They are caring, wonderful people who really bond with our kids. When our Willy died suddenly (his heart was always too happy & big for his little body), I brought him in to make arrangements for his cremation. The entire staff was in tears. Dr. Newman left his patient to come out and give me a hug. He had just seen Willy a few days before and he was visually mourning our loss. I am truly sorry for those who have written in, who have lost their best friends & family members or have had a bad experience. In life, doctors can only do so much. We can only hope that when our buddies are sick that we can help them get well…and when that is not possible, that the end is painless and gentle. We live with that hope.

We have recommended Porter Pet to a number of friends, who are equally happy. We are so thankful to Dr. Newman and his staff for caring for our kids with as much concern as we have for them. It’s been 10 years…and we’ll keep going back as long as we have our little family.

We found Porter Veterinary Center after rescuing our dear dog friend from the streets. The office was the third one I had called in hopes of bringing in the stray immediately. Annie answered all of my questions kindly and patiently as I was somewhat frantic trying to find care and an appointment as soon as possible. We were seen within the hour and were met with incredible kindness and thoughtfulness every step of the way along the road to recovery, which took nearly two weeks. The stray dog needed some serious TLC which he received during his many days spent in quarantine at Porter Pet. We came to visit him everyday to see his progress and were always met with extreme kindness from all staff! Our furry boy loves to visit and considers the staff his home away from home God Parents. Thank you so very much, Porter Veterinary Center! We love you!

Dr. Newman & Staff:

Thank you very, very much for the excellent work you did on our Cody. He came through his surgery with flying colors. A little groggy on Monday night but he sure made up for it since.
You have the most wonderful & dedicated employees we have ever met. You & your staff make it a pleasure for us to do business with you always!

Greg & Maria C. and Cody & Sally

Sometimes when going to see a vet, you wonder if you are going to be taken advantage of because you love your pet. You will not have a single worry here. The staff is courteous and friendly and helpful. The doctors are compassionate. Angels. No taking advantage of you here. Honestly I and my cat have never been treated better. I would trust them with my kids. Give them a try. You won’t be sorry. They have some great promotions also.

This is a Pet’s Delight to come to Porter Veterinary Center ! All I know about are my 2 cats that have been coming to PORTER for a long time starting off as kittens years ago. Most of our experiences have been with annual check-ups and care which has been spot on for perfect health. We vacation often enough each year so we have to use the kennel facilities there to board our 2 cats. WOW … they have gotten beautiful treatment over the years and a nice complimentary bath when we pick them up as we return. Just recently we had to take advantage of the Special Dental Package they offer to cats & dogs. We had both cats get the required anesthesia and they were taken care of wonderfully with their treatments. Amazing the care given to us as we picked up our cats today … given really complete Dentistry Discharge Instructions by the caring Staff there and even a photo of our cats with what had taken place. Prices were reasonable . AND the Staff there couldn’t be better … very caring about animals~ for sure ! We will continue to trust our cats completely with PORTER ~

I love Porter Veterinary Center!
My family owns two dogs, Carly and Sadie, and they’re both healthy thanks to the staff there. My dogs are pretty patient with the doctor and nurses when usually, they don’t settle well with strangers who poke at them in uncommon places.

A really great thing about them is that they have a special on their vaccines every 3rd Wednesday of the month, so you save a lot of money with this place.

We wouldn’t take out dogs anywhere else. It’s close to home, pet friendly, and the staff is divine.

I have known Dr. Ron Newman and his staff for over 20 years. Together we have cried and laughed, been happy and sad. I have trusted the care of my beloved dogs to the BEST VET I have ever known. Dr. Newman, his associates and staff are the most caring and loving people. I feel like we are family being cared for and loved. They are always available, kind, gentle and understanding whether it be a regular office visit or in emergencies and during surgeries. Dr. Newman likes doggie kisses! If you have pets, this is truly the place for them. I highly recommend Dr. Newman and Porter Veterinary Center to anyone with pets. Adele S.

My dogs have been going to Porter Veterinary Center for 8 years for care and grooming and what a wonderful team they have on there staff, always very understand to the need of each of my dogs, i totally love that we get reports cards we the dogs get grooms this allows me to know if my dogs were having a good day or not so good day while being groomed. the office staff always remember you and your do what a wonderful feeling knowing that they will be in good care as these are my babies and I would only leave them with someone I know would take good care of them. Thank you Porter Veterinary Center for many years of Great Service. Rosalyn Parker

Porter Veterinary Center is a piece of mind for pet owners. The staff is friendly, courteous and sincere, they truly care for their clients.
The Hospital is spotless clean, I am always confident in the care that my three dogs will receive there. I’ve taken my dogs for grooming as well as for checkups and more complicated diagnosis.
I will continue to bring my girls here because it gives peace of mind that they will be well taken care of.
Pia S.
Sherwood Forest

I took my cat, Curious, here in when he was feeling lethargic and slow. They work absolute wonders! They’ve been completely realistic with us, going through every possibility, every outcome, and every possible solution in order to allow us to make educated decisions that is best for my family’s animal friend. The veterinarian was incredibly knowledgeable and told us the realistic options, something very appreciated in this case. Not only that, the technician Francisco was great. We’ve had to come back repeatedly for treatment for what we learned was kidney issues and each time Francisco has explained everything on a level my family can understand while also being conscious that not everyone can dump in a few thousand dollars. He, and the rest of the staff, are all simply wonderful people who have made this incredibly difficult time more bearable and certainly a lot more hope-filled. 5 stars; honestly wouldn’t recommend another place to go in your time of trouble, or even if it’s just that time to get your pet’s claws groomed.

We took in our 4 yr old Long Hair Mini Dachshund, Snickers for a stomach bloating issue but after a quick but gentile study Dr. Pallai, suspecting a skeletal issue, recommended x-rays. They revealed a collapsed disc resulting from a congenital birth defect in the shape of one vertebra. We are so happy that the real problem was so quickly discovered. Both Dr. Pallai and Dr. Newman have been great! They never seem to be in a hurry to leave but instead take the time to educate, counsel, and communicate to serve our needs professionally and with care and compassion. Top notch staff too! To Annie, Elizabeth, LJ, and Francisco…Bless you all and thank you!

The staff at Porter Veterinary Center is amazing. They have been taking care of all my dog’s veterinary and grooming needs since we rescued him last year. They are efficient and always polite. My dog, Rocco, is a rescue and is very afraid of other dogs. They always take special care to make sure he feels comfortable and never make me or my husband feel guilty for having a dog that freaks out. Plus they do a great job grooming him and keeping us updated on his shot and check-up needs. I recommend Porter to all pet owners.

We have been bringing our dog to Porter Veterinary Center for over four years, but it is because of the excellence in surgical treatment and the caring of our vet that I had to write. Dr. Pallai’s understanding of what we were going through when surgery was needed to remove the tumor was very comforting and assuring, especially as this turned out to be a 1 1/2 hour operation. Thank you Dr. Pallai, and staff, for all that you have done for us. Sincerely, Ellen F.

I visited porter pet hospital for the first time and had an appointment with Dr. Taketani, she was absolutely wonderful. My 13 year old poodle needed a full dental and senior exam and Dr. Taketani was just amazing, she explained everything that was going to be done in detail so that I understood and was more than happy to answer any and all of the questions I had. Francisco, who is the manager and who also did my dogs dental was wonderful! He took such good care of my dog and provided me with updates during the procedure to calm my nerves and so that I knew what was being done every step of the way. Even the receptionist at the front was so warm and welcoming and helpful with making my next appointment and with after care instructions. I’ve been to many vets all over Los Angeles, and porter pet hospital definitely made me feel safe leaving my dog with them and provided me the utmost best care for my baby. I highly recommend porter pet hospital.

Max & I love Dr. Newman….the staff (especilly Annie!) and Dr. are the best that I’ve met since we’ve had Max. It’s difficult to find a Dr. that your dog loves to visit. Dr. Newman will get down to the floor and he will inspect every inch. Took Max in for an ear infection and Dr. Newman was the 1st Dr. that I’ve ever met to put his nose in his ear. Since that day Max and I fell in love with him. Dr. Newman is kind, friendy, and knowlledgeable. I love the fact that he will play with Max and give him attention. Max is an only child and LOVES all the attention on him. I’ve seen other Dr. and they’ll just ignore the pet, NOT Dr. Newman! Thank you for all your help with Max 🙂

I recently brought my puppy to Porter Veterinary Center and I was very pleased with their clean & comfortable facility, & the front and back office staff/techs were considerate & knowledgeable. The Vet was professional, friendly, and caring to me & most importantly my baby pup!! He listened to my concerns, without interrupting me & answered my questions. A “good bed side manner”! Which is extremely important to me with Veterinarians for my little furry babies!! Annie, Francisco, Elizabeth, & Dr. P were very helpful, friendly, courteous, and efficient… I’m happy I decided to try Porter Veterinary Center, after choosing to not return to my “original” nearby Vet of 35 years-as their new VCA prices became “too expensive” in all areas of treatment! I recommend Porter Veterinary Center for your pet’s health needs!!

Thank you,
Tina (& T)

Porter is the best Pet Hospital in the valley. I have tried different vets within the past year or two and I have stuck with Porter ever since. The staff is always super friendly, they are knowledgeable and are always eager to share useful information to benefit your furry family members! You’ll feel completely safe with your pet under their care. I highly recommend this pet hospital over others.

I am a crazy dog owner. my dogs name is Coco. I discovered Porter Veterinary Center through a friend of mine . I was very nervous to try a new vet for my Coco I am very protective. Coco had to have surgery for stones in his bladder ,and he was put on special food. I love the excellent service i have received from the staff. they have been most helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. I could talk to them for hours..I would just like to say, Coco Feels Great! THANK YOU ALL THE STAFF AT PORTER YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Coco Thanks You.
Peggy Cruz

Took Romii last week for her 2nd check up and she’s great!! I love everything about Porter Veterinary Center, the reception area is super friendly and they make you feel warm and welcome. Dr. Newman is amazing and again explains everything throughly and I love how Elizabeth and Francisco come out to see Romii when she gets there. I will FOREVER be recommending this pet hospital to whom ever I know

Dear Dr. Pallai,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your compassion & tenderness in helping me get through the loss of my dear old kitty, Bogie, last Friday night. You showed me such support & kindness – I think you are a wonderful doctor & I just want you to know how grateful I am for your caring.

Most Sincerely,
Teddi G.

Dear Dr. Newman,

Thank you for the birthday card for Jack especially since it is the only one he has ever received….

We are all very pleased to have Jack back to his old self. We all recognize that you saved Jack’s life and so appreciate your knowledge and skill. Months have gone by and Jack is thriving…

I hope you are well and thank you for being there for Jack and all the other vulnerable creatures.


Richard B.

Dear Dr. Newman & Caring Staff,

Thank you for taking care of both Lilly & Teddy. You all know how important & special my dogs are to me & my family, and you always go above & beyond call of duty to ensure their health & comfort. You have no idea how much that means and I cherish all of you for that. Thank you so much!

Your loyal patients,
Lilly, Teddy, & The P. Family

Dear Natalie & Gerardo,

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have you both come over to help me with Chloe. Your compassion and kindness made one of the worst days of my life bearable. Everyone at Porter is always so kind – all the time. It was thru all your efforts and Dr. Newman that Chloe was able to live 15 1/2 years – all good until very recently. Now we have two more doggies under your wonderful care.

Again – Many Thanks!


My dear Friends at Porter Veterinary Center:

There is a theory that the employees of a business reflect the personality of the owner. It goes with out saying that “Porter Pet” has warmth, compassion and thoughtfulness with each and every client that crosses their door.

Thank you Dr. Newman for always being there for me and for my beloved pets. Words can not express how your thoughtfulness has touched my heart!!

Cheryl F.

To Dr. Newman and the staff of Porter Veterinary Center,

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the fine care you’ve provided for our dog Tyger. She survived parvo, surgery, and years of over-feeding. When left alone for extended periods of time, she would occasionally chew through fences or doors to get out (this was, perhaps, her one vice). She was a good passenger in both cars and trucks. She would sleep with her head on your foot to make sure you couldn’t leave without her knowing about it. She never ran away. She was adored by family and friends.

Infinitely affectionate and gentle, she was (and is) regarded as a member of the family. Thank you all very much for taking care of her.

Most sincerely,
Tyger’s Family

Dearest Porter Veterinary Center,

I really appreciate everyone that helps me care for my rescues! Your kindness & the excellent “relationship” that I have with the entire staff are blessings to my organization, “Angels in Fur Dog Rescue.”

Thank you!

Dear Dr. Newman,

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you and your incredible staff for taking such wonderful care of our Harry throughout his time of sickness. When we were last together, it was beyond my abilities to adequately convey to you how much we were all deeply touched by the extraordinary compassion and the sincerity behind the abundance of tenderness that Harry received under your care. Your obvious devotion to the veterinary profession is nothing short of a true calling.

Throughout those fourteen months, not a single day passed that we didn’t cherish Harry’s being with us. The expertise of your clinical skills and your uncommon sensibilities gave us those extra fourteen months. Especially appreciated was your kindness and gentleness in the manner of which Harry was ultimately released from the shackles of his failed body…

Harry’s Family

Robert Tristan

we were very happy with our visit. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Orion will be going back in the future

Nes Garcia

I went in and was given an appointment the same day. I was so worried as it was Saturday and either everyone is closed or no walk-ins. I’m so relieved.

Anje Ma

I love these guys. They’re very caring and professional. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people to help take care of my dogs.

Roshana Jaya

Nice staff and fast. They don’t keep you waiting.

Hardin Rich

Here they treat your pet as if it were there’s and you as a friend. From a well pet exam through complicated procedures they have it covered. The vets and techs are competent, caring and happy to answer any question. The staff are always nice and very helpful.

Lacey Estrada

Honestly, I love this vet office!
I’ve seen the negative reviews and I don’t buy it. Yes, sometimes it takes time to be seen but that is to be expected. It’s a popular office despite being kind of small. You can tell the people there are doing their best to accommodate everyone. I did have to wait 20 to 30 minutes to be seen but my cat was just there for a checkup. The vet was very nice and so were the staff. They treated my cat with such dignity and respect. I warned them that she was a high-stress animal and they did everything they could to put her at ease during the exam, even letting her stay in her carrier. I did receive encouragement for a return visit for dental cleaning and the quote was quite expensive but there was no pressure. It’s always my choice to say I won’t have the service done. After all is said and done, this is still a business…this isn’t a free clinic who just loves to provide free medical care to animals. Anesthesia, medical supplies and procedures are expensive, not to mention liability insurances, property tax, leasing…it all costs money. They might be able to offer cheaper prices but would not be in business for long because they wouldn’t have a profit.

Hala Wilcox

Great customer service and caring staff.

Carmen Hernandez

I always drove by this pet hospital but never thought of actually bring my cat Lily there, but after the last experience I had at a different location I decided to google a better hospital. I noticed the positive reviews for this location and since I recalled always seeing it when I drove by, I thought it was worth a shot. My cat was showing strange symptoms so when I spoke to the employee on the phone, they helped me quickly make an appointment. Once I arrived, I saw how clean and welcoming it is. The staff was quick to help me and everyone was so kind and friendly! Big difference from the last place! Even though the situation was scary for me, and definitely for Lily, the staff definitely made this a much more pleasant experience. They walked me through everything and explained every test and what it meant and why it needed to be done. They were so helpful in keeping me updating and calm regarding my furrbaby! I appreciate their compassion and you can tell the staff love these animals and have a true desire to help each one. I definitely recommend this place, and I definitely will be bringing Lily back.

Dj Cekic

I take all my pets to this place they’re very friendly very fair in their prices they make same day appointments for certain situations and they are nearby

Alice Vardanian

Porter is the best Pet Hospital in the valley. I have tried different vets within the past year or two and I have stuck with Porter ever since. The staff is always super friendly, they are knowledgeable and are always eager to share useful information to benefit your furry family members! You’ll feel completely safe with your pet under their care. I highly recommend this pet hospital over others.